Choosing an Home Healthcare Agency for a Loved One

Choosing an Home Healthcare Agency for a Loved One

Many people will eventually need the assistance of a home healthcare aide, whether it is due to old age or an injury or disability. To obtain the services of a home healthcare aide, you will typically need to be referred to them by a doctor or medical professional of some kind. They will typically provide you with a list of nearby home healthcare agencies that service your location. From here, you will have to select an agency to work with.

How Home Healthcare Agencies Work

While home healthcare agencies will advertise their services, they generally will work through referrals from other medical professionals. From when the referral comes in, the home healthcare agency will identify the issues that are present with the patient and send a nurse to perform an assessment and provide a recommended level of service with them. From there, they will send an aide to your home for the recommended level of hours and either bill you directly, your insurance provider, or Medicare or Medicaid for the service.

Considerations When Choosing an Agency

There are a number of considerations that should be made when you are choosing a home care agency to work with. Whether or not they accept the insurance that you have is an important consideration when you are choosing the agency. In addition, their reputation in the marketplace and how they service their customers. Try performing research on the different home healthcare agencies out there and choose from these options. Finally, keep in mind that the experience that an individual has with a home healthcare will often depend on their individual health care aide and different patients could have a wide range of experiences as a result. As such, take these reviews with a grain of salt when choosing the home agency that you are choosing and don’t be afraid to ask for a new aide if you are unhappy.


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